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Introducing the Maritime Museum Building Set! Immerse yourself in a captivating world of maritime history, where the majesty of the open seas comes to life brick by brick. Embark on an extraordinary journey of exploration and discovery as you delve into this meticulously crafted masterpiece.

Prepare to be amazed as the building set unfolds to unveil a sprawling waterfront museum, an architectural marvel that exudes grandeur. Marvel at the intricate details and majestic columns adorning the grand entrance, reminiscent of classical maritime structures that have stood the test of time.

Step into the museum and be transported to a realm filled with maritime artifacts and captivating stories. Discover multiple levels and exhibition halls, each thoughtfully designed to showcase awe-inspiring displays. Behold meticulously crafted model ships that depict various eras of maritime history, capturing the essence of ancient vessels with billowing sails to the grace of majestic steamships.

As you explore the museum, witness a vibrant scene bustling with figurines. Curators, historians, and eager visitors come together to unravel the mysteries of the sea. Observe explorers unearthing a hidden treasure chest on a lifelike diorama of a sunken ship, while a sailor enthralls a captivated audience with tales of daring voyages.

Outside, a bustling harbor awaits your attention. Stand in awe of the towering lighthouse, a guiding beacon for ships navigating treacherous waters. Experience the excitement as a cargo ship docks, with cranes and workers bustling about to unload goods from its towering containers.

To enhance the immersive experience, this building set features interactive elements. Activate hidden buttons to illuminate the interior lights, casting a warm glow on the exhibits. Spin a small crank to set the lighthouse in motion, its light casting a sweeping beam across the waters.

Included in this set is a collection of maritime-themed accessories, allowing you to customize your museum experience. Set up flags, telescopes, and other nautical elements to create an authentic atmosphere.

Embark on a remarkable adventure through maritime history with this exceptional building set. With its intricate details, engaging features, and endless storytelling possibilities, it is a must-have addition for enthusiasts of maritime exploration and history. Discover the wonders of the sea and relive the tales of brave sailors as you construct your own maritime museum.

Piece Count: 5,052

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Huge Set!

Much taller than my other LEGO modulars

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