About Us

Soko Toys is your one-stop destination for unique and trendy toys catering to kids of all ages. From quirky plushies to the latest TikTok trends, we've got something to spark every imagination.

Explore our wide selection of building sets and interactive areas, including the opportunity to build your own Lego® Minifigure and create your very own "Design-a-Saur." For some extra excitement, don't miss our range of claw machines, available in tabletop and full-sized versions for your bedroom or home arcade. Best of all, you can try them out for free with your purchase and attempt to win a fantastic prize!

As a small, locally-owned toy store, Soko Toys specializes in a variety of products, including slime, building sets, plush toys, and arcade machines. What makes us truly unique is that we manufacture all of our slime on-site at our retail store in Milford, CT. We take pride in our in-house design and production capabilities, as most of our packaging is crafted, printed, and brought to life right in our store. Even our arcade machines are designed by us in Connecticut and then produced by our trusted partner factories.

At Soko Toys, we have a different approach than most stores. We don't work with distributors; instead, nearly everything we carry is either made by Soko Toys or produced in collaboration with our partner factories on behalf of Soko Toys. This allows us to bring you exclusive and high-quality toys and products you won't find anywhere else.

In addition to our exciting collection, we also buy and sell pre-loved Lego sets, fostering a sustainable approach to play. Our pre-loved Lego sets undergo careful inspection and cleaning to ensure they are in excellent condition, so you can enjoy the thrill of building with like-new sets. Experience the magic of Soko Toys, where imagination, creativity, and sustainability come to life!