Two Some Conversation Starter Card Game

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  • Suggested Age: 10 Years and Up
  • Type of Game: Party Games
  • Playing Time: 15-20 Minutes
  • Number of Players: 2 Players
  • Educational Focus: Creative Thinking
  • Includes: Cards
  • Package type: Full Game
  • Material: Cardstock Paper
  • Battery: No Battery Used

Pair up and answer the ultimate “me or you” questions to see how well you know each other. Play with just two or team up and go head-to-head against other couples. In each round two cards are put in front of the group such as “avoid when hungry” or “better poker face”. Each player simultaneously chooses which of the two cards they feel they are better at than their partner. If both players choose different cards, they are on the same wavelength and score. The team with the highest score after 12 rounds wins. Break the ice and find out if you are the perfect pair or perfect strangers!


  • Ages 14+, perfect for adult game night.
  • 2, 4, 6, or 8 Players.
  • 20 min play time.
  • Contains 100 different cards to test your friendship.
  • Unique gameplay for 2 player games, test how well you know each other!
  • Play against other couples to see who is the ultimate Two Some.
  • Great game for ice breakers, conversation starters, and dinner parties.
  • Are you acquaintances at best or kindred spirits and soulmates?!

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